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Full Stack

Junior Software Developer

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Humble beginnings.

My work at Riomed limited comprised of learning and sharpening the toolset that I gained from my time at University. My role here was two fold. I worked within a small local team, supporting their development efforts and writing some code from time to time. Mainly, my role was supporting customers, debugging issues, updating client deployments, managing infrastructure remotely and working with a larger team in the UK and India.

Technical Experience

  • Apache
  • Java / JSPs.
  • MySQL
  • Windows Server Maintenance.
  • Cisco Networking.
  • Phabricator
  • Git

The Software


Exerpt from

Cellma is a modularly constructed healthcare information system. This means it can be configured to meet exacting requirements that are, only include modules that will make a difference. From core Electronic Patient Record and Patient Administration modules to more specific modules such as E-Pharmacy and Pathology, Cellma can be configured as you like it. The option for purchase is an off-the-shelf piece of software- ready to use and integrate with any current systems in place. It is one patient, one record philosophy that centralizes all patient data, making administration simple and giving healthcare practitioners all the information needed to clinically analyze and assist in providing patient care. Cellma is the one-stop digital solution that benefits everyone in the healthcare space, patients, healthcare professionals, technical experts, and decision-makers alike.